Not dead yet!

You’re probably all wondering where is your new Karneval chapter. The chapters were ready 2 weeks ago, but I had some serious problems in my real life and I was unable to release them. Chapter 31 will get released tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, just a few missing translations left to translate and this will be ready for you guys. Till then, here is a little treat to keep you going; today we’re releasing 2 side stories published online on the ZeroSum site to advertise the manga. They are not included in any of the released volumes, as far as I know. It’s a really nice story telling us more about Yogi’s true feelings. Go here to download the 2 chapters.

We also got new staff! Please do thank Lele-san for providing us raws for this project and Night-sky for helping us with the cleaning!

Enjoy this small release! More will come and hopefully, we’ll be able to release weekly from now on.


Cutting the cake

 *gasp* We finally managed to get here, our first release! It wasn’t easy, please praise us for it! You can download them from here: Karneval volume 5 chapter 30+extras.
I’m kinda new to this so don’t know exactly what to say. I love the staff I’m working whit and I’m very happy to tell you that the girls are overly excited to see Karneval getting release. They also keep talking all day about Persona series and “Tiger and Bunny” anime. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t played/seen them yet, but I’m getting to that (right after I’ll post this).
I think that’s all for now. Expect frequent releases from us because we’re a small, but devoted, team dedicated to Karneval. Long live the ultimate bishies [thank God Karneval has a lot of them]!

Releases – soon to come

Hi, everyone! It’s Love-chan again! I want to let everyone know that I’ve managed to find quite a few staff interested to work on Karneval and chapters are getting prepared right as we speak. You can find more about our new staff HERE . The only thing we’re still desperate for is to find a raw provider for Karneval volume 7. Why can’t we just use the chinese raws? Simple, we have 3 japanese translators and only 1 chinese. In order to not let our japanese translators without work please help us find japanese raws for volume 7! We’re willing to pay for the raws and shipping expenses. Please scan this for us!

Thank you!

Hi Everyone!

This is Love-chan! A huge fan of Karneval…
I’m an experience editor, proofreader, QC-er [I can do pretty much anything except translating] and I hope that with the help of this group I’ll be able to bring more frequent release from Karneval.

Right now I’m searching for a japanese/chinese translator to help me out with this project. A scanner would also be welcomed [someone who could provide me HQ raws for volume 6+], but if I won’t get one I can also use the chinese raws, they look ok and I can clean and make them pretty anyway.

So, if you guys know where I can get a translator, or you are a C/J translator and would like to help please let me know.

You can either contact me here on the site or on my email address:

I really hope I’ll be able to release this project soon!

Offtopic: sorry for the crappy banner. Will work on a new one soon!